Friday, May 31, 2013

Video: For your weekend enjoyment!

This Aramide can sing! she is almost as good as me..hehe
truth be told sha, her voice is like honey to the ears.
you go gurl!

See Susan Peters's outfit to a fashion show....

Hot or super hot :-)

Caption this- Uti Nwachukwu's outfit to Turning point movie premiere.

I seriously dont know how to caption this photo. caption it guys...
I can see that more celebs are rocking this Arab garbs.

Photos:The incredible result of face transplant on man who was injured by stone-cutting machine

The photos below shows the remarkable results of Polish surgeons' first face transplant on man who was injured by a stone-cutting machine. 
The 33-year-old received a skin-and-bone transplant on May 15, three weeks after losing his nose, upper jaw and cheeks in a workplace accident. 
Doctors say it was the world's fastest time frame for such an operation.
One surgeon who operated said the man is already practicing swallowing and making sounds. 
Dr. Maciej Grajek said the man is practicing to swallow liquids, has gotten out of bed a few times this weekend, communicates through writing and can make sounds when his tracheotomy tube - which helps him breathe - is closed for a moment.

Photos of the patient after the cut. but i must warn, the photos are very graphic.

Feed A Child Project - Will you join me in putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged?

Growing up wasn't easy. I knew what is called poverty first hand.having our food rationed, and seeing my parents go to bed without food so we could eat,(and we were still among the fortunate ones).
seeing babies being picked from garbage bins just because their moms threw them away due to poverty. seeing children on the street begging for food to stay alive...
All these made me take up the challenge of giving to the needy,Those who do not have the promise of the next meal, the aged, the widows,orphans, especially the abandoned babies.
In my quest to fulfill this burning desire of my heart, i have contacted Mrs Olayinka Odiboh, the Executive director of AFRIBABY INITIATIVE, Of Harrison street, off Iwaya road, Yaba Lagos Nigeria. 

AFRIBABY INITIATIVE connects prospective donors with endless Orphanages who need are in dire need of basic survival items.
I have been in contact with some of these orphanages too, and their needs are endless. ranging from Clothing items, Food items,Baby foods, Hair Cream,Body Cream,Air-fresheners, blankets, Medicated Soap, Powder,Toothpastes/Tooth brushes,Towels,Medical Drugs,undies, to Bed and bedding.

Donations are welcomed from EVERYONE who want to join me in putting smiles on the faces of these adorable ones.Nothing is too small or too huge to donate. 

Every donations will go towards getting the needed items of these orphanages. All dodations will be be acknowledged and highly appreciated. 

To donate, visit:

If you want to be a part of the Orphanage visit and distribution process, please contact me through or
I'm looking at giving out all items collected by the second week of July 2013.

Dont forget to share and repost!
Thank you!

Kemi Okpaka.

Omawumi Covers Motherhood In Style Magazine!

Stunning! I like.
More photos below.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ebube Nwagbo covers latest issue of Ella Magazine

 Another photo after the cut

Can you guess how many babies are in there?

Ready to burst: Alexandra Kinova will have a Caesarean section on Sunday to deliver her five babies

She is just 23 years old, and this is her first pregnancy. it is natural, no fertility aided stuff in getting her pregnant. and she is carrying 5 babies in there! yeah 5 of them. she looks like she will burst

this got me thinking, if this is the first pregnancy and it was conceived the natural way,...the hubby must be very very careful, as any attempt at second pregnancy may make him a father to an entire football team.

#some ladies are extremely fertile..darn! lol 

Another photo of the fertile mom to be after the cut

Egor Efiok Writes About Lanre Nzeribe, Monalisa Chinda & Others..Says Lanre Is A Good Man.

The first time I met Mr Lanre Nzeribe, Monalisa introduced him thus: "Egor, meet my best friend". It didn't take me long to realise what she meant. From the bottom of my heart, Lanre is one of the most responsible men I have ever met, the gentleman kind who'd open the door for his lady or hold her hand up the stairs to prevent her from tripping. He treats Lisa with so much love and respect and those that are close to them can testify to this. I've been so happy for Lisa, because being a witness to what she had suffered in the hands of her former marriage, this relationship was just a blessing from God.

This is the second time in my life I am going behind Monalisa's back to do something like this, but I like to follow my instincts and hope she'd understand later. When Lisa was suffering Domestic Abuse, I was so mad and said to her, this must stop, I am going to tell everyone what this man has been doing to you, she begged and begged me not to and I can still hear her exact words ringing in my head, "Egor, you know your mentality is too British, over here it's a shameful thing to leave my marital home whether he beats me or not, so please hide me oh and don't let anyone hear this kind of thing".

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Its a Battle of the Stars at the YMAA 2013! Nominees unveiled, See full list.

Click for Full Image Size
Yoruba Movie Academy Awards (YMAA) is here again!, and the nominees for this year's awards are out.
Its going to be a clash of the titans of the Yoruba faction of Nollywood. as some categories can see Muyiwa Ademola and Odunlade Adekola juggling for the same award, and Funke Akindele, and Fathia Balogun juggling for same award too.
The race is on!

find the list of the nominees after the cut.

Beauty of the day..

Our very own divalicious diva, Genny!

Ghanaian TV star Joselyn Dumas covers 3 issues of New African Woman magazine.

Wow! that's a body to die for! i like.
More photos after the cut

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

OMG!! Chinese baby rescued ALIVE from toilet pipe after being flushed by parents..

Nurses treat the baby, who was believed to be only a few days old when he was flushed away

This is wickedness of the highest order..Omgosh why get pregnant in the first place, or why didnt these wicked parents give up this poor baby for adoption...of all the options they could think of, flushing a live baby down the toilet drain is what they chose? with the placenta not cut off....People are really wicked.

According to Dailymailuk, Firefighters in eastern China have rescued an abandoned newborn baby boy lodged in a sewage pipe.
The infant was stuck in a pipe directly beneath a toilet commode, state television reported, in a case which has sparked anger on social media sites.
There are frequent reports in Chinese media of babies being abandoned, often shortly after birth.

the infant was found in the sewage pipe in a residential building in Jinhua in the wealthy coastal province of Zhejiang on Saturday afternoon.
The harrowing discovery came after residents reported the sound of a baby crying, state television said late on Monday.
The pipe was just four inches wide in diameter the China Daily newspaper said.

Firefighters had to remove the pipe and take it to a nearby hospital, where doctors carefully cut around it to rescue the baby boy inside, the report said.
Continue to see the heartbreaking photos of how the pipe was carefully cut to rescue the baby.

Viewer's discretion highly advised.

New Song Alert: KAKI NO BE LEATHER by Bonaventure Beevlingz Chukwuka a.k.a Bee-V.

Bonaventure Beevlingz Chukwuka a.k.a Bee-V was born in the city of ubulu uku Delta-state Nigeria.Born and breed in the heart of the state where rap is a street language.Bee-v as he is fondly called by peeps and well-wishers embraced music at a very young age.
He started a group called "FLASHGUYS",and they are still fam. He raps and flows in a unique pattern,his skills cannot be compared with another act.

He draws inspirations from the streets and daily life activities and also shares ideas with elder fellas.From Delta-state,he went down to Portharcourt where he is currently managed by Patrick of Patflexy records .He is officially not signed to any music label and he is pursuing a solo career. He has recorded over 15 songs(mixtapes and singles),and he is currently on the featured list of so many upcoming and made artiste in the street of Pitakwa (Ph) . 
He is already a known figure in his hometown and beyond.Planning on dropping his long awaited album with some feature that will blow your mind. His music will teach and educate us all because he sings and raps reality. He is a great act to watch out for and among the next best thing hitting the music industry

The songs can be downloaded via these links:

Monday, May 27, 2013

New Serial Story... Dear Future Husband. Episode 1.

In the wake of the serial story that just came to an end on this blog(Broken mirror), i have brought to you dear readers another exciting heart pumping serial story from the table to Tomi Adesina.
i will be featuring the story twice a week.
i hope y'all enjoy it.
Now enjoy today's episode.


First rule of a Monday morning, especially when you stay in Lagos, ‘DON’T WAKE UP LATE!’ Tola Matthews had never fallen short of this rule, except for today. She brushed her leg against the side table as she made for the front door. I giggled. Tola stopped to eyeball me.
                She rolled her eyes. “Kimberly, the only reason I am not going to talk back at you is that I feel pity for you.” she started. Tola had a knack for showing off her status as Broker. “You don’t have a job. All you do is sit and watch TV, I have no problems with that, but don’t you think you should look for a real job that takes you out early?” she said looking at the wall clock. She smiled at me. It had mock written all over it.
                I snickered. “You are not happy. And the money in the Firm isn’t yours, you work for Mr. Asolo. One day, they’ll take that Range Rover back.” I replied, with a grin.
                                “I bought that with my money!” she hissed and stepped out.
                I wasn’t done yet. “Kentucky on your way back, please.”
                                “Did I hear you right?” Tola replied, tucking her head back in.
                I smiled. “You are a salary earner, aren’t you?”
I focused my attention back on the Flat screen. It is a big deal when you have nothing to do in Lagos. I am Kimberly Bankole, popularly called Kim Banks by my friends, graduated with a First Class from the prestigious University of Lagos with a degree in Economics. So much for my First Class Degree! I had sought to live on my own and when my best friends, Tola and Ini presented the opportunity I jumped at it.
                Tola works in the Real Estate Business and due to her hard work, she was gaining heights every day, and she currently occupies a top position in Asolo Real Estate Firm. Tola paid her way through the University as she lost her father quite early. She indulged in business all through her stay on the Campus, and coupled with the monthly bursaries from the Government, she could fend for her academics.
                Ini Obong is a model. She recently just got herself a billboard job for beauty soap. Ini worked when the opportunity arose, and she earned fat for it. Her career was fast rising and her manager, Marcus, worked tirelessly to get her jobs. Ini cherished her beauty sleep and she was still having it. But with Kimberly in the house, who would get a beauty sleep?
                I drew the curtains and let the sun rays in. “Wake up!” Ini rolled over and covered her face with the pillow. “Ini, it’s almost 9 in the morning. The roads would be free, why are you still in bed?”
                Ini snarled. “I don’t have to look for Jobs, they hunt me! Now get out of here.” She said, punching the pillow.

Wizkid Gets Signed As MTN Ambassador!

He signed the deal with MTN today, and his brand Pepsi has extended his contract for another 2 years.
congrats to him.

Happy Children's day to my cuties!

Happy Children's day my heartbeats....Mommie loves y'all

Broken Mirrors – Episode 17 – The Finale

Broken Mirrors Finale
“Calm down man,” Kamal said, even though he didn’t feel very calm himself. Derin was pacing up and down, pausing every few seconds, his eyes darting furtively around at each stop, as if expecting Awazi to emerge from the spot he looked at.
Derin had come to him that morning to ask him to help beg Awazi, and he had harangued Derin after hearing the story of what had happened. They had rushed back to the house together, but met it locked from outside. Once in the house, Derin dashed into the open bedroom and met it empty. They had gone through every room in the house, shouting for her, but she wasn’t there.
“Dude, calm down and let’s call her,” Kamal said again to the pacing Derin.
Derin reached for his phone and came up with empty air. It was only then it dawned on him he had left his phone in the house in his rush to get Kamal. He quickly scanned the living room, but didn’t find the phone.
“Kamal, can you flash my phone? I can’t find it,” Derin said.
Kamal attempted to dial the phone, but couldn’t get through. Derin began searching methodically in the living room and when he didn’t find it, he moved into the bedroom. There on the bed was the phone.

BREAKING NEWS: PDP suspended Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers state.

In what appears to be a punishment for his recent actions viewed by the leadership of the People’s Democratic Party as anti-party activities, the National Working Committee of the ruling party has suspended Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers state.

the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Mr Olisa Metuh announced the suspension in a statement on Monday in Abuja.
This is coming after Gov. Ameachi, on Friday, defeated his rival Plateau State governor, Jonah Jang by 19 to 16 votes to clinch a second term in office as Chairman of the Nigeria’s Governors Forum, NGF.
Hmnnn...this is really the clash of the Titans o. will this not chase Amaechi from PDP....

update: below is a statement issued by the party's national publicity secretary, Mr Olisa Metuh. 
The National Working Committee at its emergency meeting on Monday, 27 May, 2013 considered the petition submitted by the PDP Rivers State Executive Committee against His Excellency Rt Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Executive Governor of Rivers State for violating Articles 58 1 (b), (c ), (h) and (m) of the PDP Constitution.
The National Working Committee after preliminary hearing, in exercise of the powers conferred by Articles 57 (3), 59 (3), 59 (5) and 29 (2.b) hereby suspends the Executive Governor of River State, Rt Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as a member of the PDP and refers the matter to the appropriate disciplinary committee of the Party.
This is in furtherance of the determination of the leadership of the Party to enforce discipline at all levels within the Party. Signed: Chief Olisa Metuh, National Publicity Secretary

Annie Idibia Vs Toke Makinwa - Who Rocked The Dress?

Who rocked the tight fitted dress better?

Photos: Nigeria's representatives to Big Brother Africa 2013

These are the two people that will be representing Nigeria in the Big brother Africa house this year. the lady is Ada Beverly Osu, a model and Lagos based video vixen, and the guy is Melvin Oduah, a model, actor, 1st runner up Gulder Ultimate Search VI, and 1st runner up Mr Nigeria 2011. 
Rep Naija well o guys, and goodluck to you both.

Two more photos of then after the cut

Sunday, May 26, 2013

'The Woolwich Killing and The Illuminati – More Questions Than Answers' - Femi Fani-Kayode

By Femi Fani-Kayode...

Some things just don’t add up when it comes to the Woolwich killings. There are certainly more questions than answers. Let us examine the facts. An off-duty British soldier by the name of Lee Rigby was walking down the street in the charming and peaceful London suburb of Woolwich. All of a sudden, and out of the blue, he was randomly selected and run over by a car which was being driven by two young black men. After they hit him to the ground with the car the two young men jumped out of it, armed with matchetes, knives, a rusty old pistol and a meat cleaver, and in a deep and uncontrollable frenzy amidst shouts of ”Allahu Akbar”, proceeded to take his precious life by carving him up, mutilating him, butchering him and beheading him in full public glare. This all happened barely 100 metres away from Rigby’s Army Barracks home. The attack began at 2.30 pm whilst the soldier gave up the ghost at approximately 3.00pm on a four-point inter-section roundabout and crossroads.

Immediately after finishing their gruesome act the killers then conducted their own impromptu press conference, brandishing knives and meat cleavers in blood-soaked hands, with random members of the public asking to be filmed and qouted whilst their clothes were soaked, drenched and dripping in human blood. After their ”presss conference” ended they moved to the other side of the road and calmly waited for the police to arrive. They had all the time in the world to do so but they plainly refused to run and attempt to avoid arrest or the imminent arrival of the police. According to eye-witnesses (and I watched the footage on CNN) the police took no less than 30 minutes to get to the scene and confront the two killers. They did NOT get there in the 9 minutes that they are claiming.

Hilarious Photo.

Is she hot or hot! hehehe
i must ''rub'' lipstick by force.

R&B soul singer Azeezat & Yvonne Nelson Covers HOUSE OF MALIQ exclusive June 2013.

I love the cover!

More photos stunning of Azeezat and Yvonne after the cut

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Photos: Meet the Contestants for the 2013 Mr Universe Nigeria competition.

It’s time to crown the next Mr Universe Nigeria, and 34 eligible Nigerian guys will be fighting for the 2013 Mr Universe Nigeria title. 
But only Five of these 34 will stand a chance of becoming Mr Universe Nigeria and also an opportunity to represent at these international competitions – Mr Universe Model in Dominican Republic, Best Model Universe in Panama, International Best Model in Spain, Mr Nigeria Planet in Philippines, Mr Nigeria Motors in Italy.
The contestants will be camped in Lagos on Tuesday 28th May 2013, where they will be groomed for the D-Day.
The first assignment for the contestants was to create a signature look. A look that describes their totality in just a single picture.
And that has brought me to the main issue...the signature look.

Please continue to view the photos... 

Some of the photos might be scary, so *Viewer's Discretion is strongly Advised*.

Meet the 2013 Mr Universe Nigeria Contestants

Celebrity Interview: “I Missed Acting” After a Long Break, Nollywood Star Dakore Akande.


When Nollywood star Dakore Akande decided to take a break off acting a few years ago, many people thought she had left the movie industry for good. We were sad to see one of our favourite stars off the scene but were happy to hear of her beautiful romance story, exquisite wedding and the birth of her daughter. Being the sweetheart that she is, she made a comeback to acting last year in the movie ‘Journey To Self’ dispelling the rumours of her supposed exit from acting.
Dakore actually began her journey to entertainment as an undergraduate student of University of Lagos in a TV drama called ‘Inheritance’. She also cultivated her music talents through writing and performing in London while she worked with BEN Television as a Presenter and Producer. The former Amstel Malta Ambassador is a multiple award winning actor and has featured in over 60 movies.It can be quite a task scheduling interviews with some of our favourite celebs, but with Dakore, it took only one Tweet, which led to one email, and then one phone call. And that was it! herself and BN met within the week at a Spa somewhere in Ikoyi, Lagos and had the most amazing afternoon chatting with Mrs Akande.

I really like this look and what I see you doing with your hair recently. But I just have to ask, what happened to your signature dreadlocks?
Honestly I didn’t set out to make it my signature hairstyle. I don’t call it dreads because there is nothing dreadful about it. I call it locs without a ‘K’. I had it for 12 years and from the 11th year I started getting bored. In the mirror, I’d see the same old look so I started telling myself that I would soon take it off. I cut them off last year after I had my baby. There was no pressure from anybody or from any corner, it was all me. I wanted to be more versatile with my looks.

12 years is a long time. What inspired you to get it done in the first place?
I got it in 2000 and before then, I was such a diva with my hair. I would do braids or weaves, but my hair wasn’t doing well with all the relaxing. I had always admired people who do locks from when I was very young. I kept telling my Mum that “Mum, one day you’d come back and see that I’ve loced my hair” and truly one day she travelled and saw it on me when she came back. But she said “Oh, you’ll get tired” because I get bored very quickly. But somehow, one year turned into two years, five years and then twelve years. It was just very comfortable, very convenient, I didn’t have to sit in a salon all day. I could just get up and go which is very much a part of my personality. Now it’s more acceptable but when I started doing it, people would look at me like I was crazy. But I’m glad that it caught on and a lot of people are going natural now.

KOB Celebrity Interview: ''I Have A Crush On Actress Bidemi Kosoko''..Music Artiste Lord DA'Seeker

In a bid to get to know some of our very own talented Nigerian celebrities and up coming Nigerian artists, and what they have been up to lately, KOB got hold of Omonije Ayomitide, Popularly known as Lord DA'Seeker.A Nigerian,and an international upcoming music artiste,who presently reside in Malaysia.

He has performed both locally and internationally, and he's got some    
international awards to his credit which includes Best African Vocalist Victoria Malaysia Golden awards 2013, Most influential youth of the year, Aristocratz southwest youth awards...

In this interview he spoke to me about how he entered the industry, his ups and downs.

Can we meet you?

My names are Omonije Ayomitide Samuel known as 'Lord Da Seeker',i hail from the family of 4 i am blessed to be a good leader to my younger ones because i happen to be the first son of the family ,i am from the very popular royal family somewhere called Odo-Otin Local Govt,Okuku Osun state.
i started my primary education in Ibadan Richmab International School Ring-Road then got admission to Adventist Secondary School Ile-Ife and got my O level result in another school Oladimeji International School Ile-Ife.
i am currently studying Business Admin in a reputable College Victoria International College Kuala Lumpur and looking forward to get my degree in Victoria University Australia .I thinks that's all i can say for now ..

When did you first start singing?

Actually i am always happy because music is in my blood ,i started from 
a tender age ,i used to be a singer back those days in my church and 
everyone loves the type of music i do then because of my baritone voice 
which i inherited from my dad.

Daniel Ademinokan Petitioned By EFCC For Defrauding Student....

Daniel Ademinokan has been in the news lately forhis involvement wwith Stella damasus,nollywood actress.
he is in the news again, but this time its the case of fraud. he is said to have defrauded a certain Mr Toju Omagbemi.

According to SDK,

Mr Toju Omagbemi called me on Thursday may 23,2013 and he was very upset about what he had to say.
he wondered why the media was showing off Daniel as a big boy..

he said ''you people should stop promoting bawo, bawo does not have any money,he is a fraudster and his lifestyle is not how you people are projecting it,he is a fraudster and I am sure he is living off Stella who is so desperate to get a husband''

He introduced himself as ''Mr Toju Omagbeni otherwise known as TJ,former entertainment organiser but now an Engineer with PHCN''

After he was done,i began to ask questions.

''Mr Toju why are you calling DANIEL bawo?and why are you saying he is a broke man and fraudster?do you know he bought a house in Abuja?

''Abeg leave all this English name,his name is Bawo and  he didn't buy any house in Abuja,it is all Stella's money.Bawo doesn't have ten kobo,hes living off Stella's loot.
he don chop finish when he go buy house?him mama don chop finish?hisssssssss .
please leave this matter,i know bawo reach we are talking,i have been reaching out to all his family members to let them know i am looking for him to refund the money he duped.
I don't know what he must have told Stella but bawo is an itsekiri boy,we know each other well and hes not up to Stella's 35yrs that she celebrated,Bawo is a small by where Stella is...Stella dey fool herself.

and it gets more interesting! 

Can you play this game?

I saw a funny post on facebook,and this game pop into my head. you just need to add your own sentence about what you feel makes Nigeria or Nigerians unique...
so here we go.
MY great country....
Where our mothers use ice cream bowls to store pepper in the fridge.
Where ladies don't accept flowers for valentine or birthday. 
Where lizard go look your eyeball, nod head say "notin dey happen guy" 
Where a blind beggar will reject a fake naira note. 
Where Groundnuts are sold in BOTTLES and WATER is sold in SATCHETS. 
Where parents claim they were always first position in school.........add yours too....and keep it rolling guys!....

Egor Efiok Shows off stunning body at Turning Point movie premiere!

I hope Egor (in the middle)wont think im stalking her...but that's the
im just fascinated about her great looks....i know what im saying,cos i know its not easy to drop the excess weight and still stay this fab! it take a whole lot of dedication and discipline.
Love your spirit girl, you rock!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Meet New MTN Ambassadors! Chidinma, Iyanya & others...

One of Nigeria's telecom giant MTN has just signed Chidinma of MTN Project Fame,Praiz,Iyanya and Mike Anyaso as their new ambassadors.
Davido who is already an ambassador also got his contract renewed. 
Some of these celebs already took to twitter to express their gratitude to MTN for the opportunity.
Some of these stars are expected to take home as much as N15M from this a one year endorsement deal with MTN.
Congrats guys. spend the cash wisely.

Ghanaian Actress Joselyn Dumas to start reality TV show,“First Ladies”

Ghanaian Actress, Joselyn Dumas is way more than just a pretty face and sexy curves, she is one of Ghana’s top actresses and TV hosts. You may also recall her being the bride in Lynxxx‘s “Fine Lady”music video.
Although her face hasn’t been to regular on the movie scene of late, Joselyn has been focusing on the TV host aspect of her career. So, to get the full scoop of what’s she got in the works, the DSTV crew caught up with the ‘Pillow Talks’ host.

I am saving it for marriage! - OAP Toolz Tolu Oniru declares.

In one of her recent AskToolz forum on twitter, our very own hips dont lie Toolz declared she is still a virgin, and that she is saving it for marriage!.

Hmnnn Tunde Demuren must be one heck of a lucky guy....That is a very wise decision, if Toolz is actually telling us the truth. (i dont believe sha).

Anyways, anything is possible under heaven. 
Atleast if some people like us can do it, then why not Toolz.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jim Iyke & Nadia Buhari Confirms Relationship!

The duo have been in the news lately, attending shows and red carpet together. but people thought its just a publicity stunt, as in, it is
anyway they have both come out to tell anyone who cares to know that it is unscripted! its love, and they are head over heels, neck deep in least judging by their tweets.

Nadia tweeted the above and Jim tweeted the later....

Na dem get their lives o. They can live it however they want. btw, as Jim would say, Love is a beautiful thang!
btw, this Jim's pose in that second photo me complete the

Miss Nigeria Ireland Resigns.....

The miss Nigeria Ireland has resigned her post (or was sacked) she didn't really give any cogent reason for her resignation. meanwhile the pageant  organizers  have issued a press statement stating that she has been sacked due to behaviors contradicting the rules of the organization.
below is their press release.

This is to inform the general public that the Miss Nigeria Ireland 2012, Patricia Olufemi has been relieved of her position as Miss Nigeria Ireland 2012 with immediate effect. Below is the full text of her revocation:
Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Patrcia Olufemi,
Re: Revocation and Gross violation of terms and conditions of Miss Nigeria-Ireland).
On behalf of Perod Foundation and Miss Nigeria Ireland, we hereby draw your attention to the terms and conditions of the Miss Nigeria –Ireland beauty pageant, whose terms and conditions you signed up to.
By the rules and regulations specifies that you are expected to maintain personal integrity and observe the requirements of good manners and courtesy towards the organisers (Perod Foundation) and the entire public. But in flagrant breach of the rules you have brought the organisation and the title into disrepute and scorn.

By taking part in a movie without the consent and approval of Perod Foundation, you contravene rule 8. In addition you breached the rules by appointing a manager in the name of O’Sullivan during your reign. As a result, the consequence of these actions is a revocation of your title and crown as Miss Nigeria- Ireland 2012.
Further continuation of your act(s) of utter disregard for rules and regulations was displayed when you went to pose in pants and skimpy clothes thereby, disregarding the directives from the management that it was against the fundamental beliefs of the organisation and the Nigerian community for which the organisation exist. Furthermore you used your social network (facebook) and website as a forum to distribute above photos and displayed the Miss Nigeria Ireland name at the top of the website. This is an intolerable act as a Miss Nigeria Ireland beauty queen.

Tributes pour in as soldier murdered by islamist in Woolwich identified .

Lee RigbyHappy day: Lee Rigby on his wedding day in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in 2007

The murdered British soldier killed by two Islamist fanatics has been identified as Lee Rigby.
''The 25-year-old 'cheeky and humorous' serviceman - described as a 'loving father' to his two-year-old son Jack - was identified as police guarded his home in Middleton, Greater Manchester. 
His family tonight paid tribute to 'a loving son, husband, father, brother and uncle', adding that 'he always wanted to be in the Army, live life and enjoy himself'.
Drummer Rigby, a keen football fan who followed Manchester United FC, was just starting his Army career and had recently fought in Afghanistan with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
Meanwhile, tributes has continued to pour in in honour of the killed soldier. Many were seen laying bouquets of flowers on the pavement near spot on which he was gruesomely murdered.
May his sould RIP, and may God comfort his family.

Thank You Message From Mercy Johnson Okojie To Her Fans.

Mercy Johnson Okojie who recently returned back from the US where she has been since she had her baby will be resuming work this week officially. and she has this to say to all her loyal fans

‘I want to say thank you to the fans, friends, colleagues and producers who were there for me. Many of them proved to be friends on and off work. Many adjusted their schedules for me and sent in their greetings during the child dedication. I resumed work this week with grateful heart and understanding that I am here because God through the help of people made it possible. Or how could I explain the overwhelming votes I got at AMVCA despite been away and inactivity on social media? How could I explain the numbers of producers and scripts waiting for my return? How could I explain the overwhelming love and gifts while I was away? I am very grateful and here to say a big thank you to everyone who played a role and those who as much as had good wishes in their hearts. Thank you and God bless you’  

Awwww, God bless your hustle too Mercy. keep shining.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Video: Men Butchers & Behead British Soldier in broad daylight in London...

The above photo shows one of two men who slaughtered  and beheaded a British soldier today on the street of Woolwich in London. his name is MICHAEL ADEBOLAJO. It is understood the men, who are being treated in separate hospitals while under arrest, are most likely to be British citizens of Nigerian descent who have converted to a radical form of Islam, with Micheal changing his name to Mujahid. He is said to have converted to islam since 2003

The two men were said to have attacked, and killed the soldeir, and then waited around for 20 minutes until Metropolitan Police officers arrived and then tried to attack them - but were swiftly shot by armed policemen, including a woman.

They apparently shouted 'Allahu Akbar', which means 'God is great' in Arabic, and tried to film the attack,