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#EBOLA: U.S set to test trial vaccine in Nigeria,Gambia and Mali

The US has announced that they will be conducting a trial test of the Ebola Vaccine in Nigeria ,Gambia and Mali
The tests will start on Tuesday with 20 volunteers to determine if it's safe for human use.Part of the statement by the National institute of Health reads
The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has initiated discussions with Ministry of Health officials in Nigeria about the prospects for conducting a Phase 1 safety study of the vaccine among healthy adults in that country. The pace of human safety testing for experimental Ebola vaccines has been expedited in response to the ongoing Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.”
The trials are conducted on healthy adults not infected by Ebola

See what Omoni Oboli wore to her lagos premiere of #BeingMrsElliot.

Where did she throw this, when she wore that Olympus baring blue dress to Aso Rock?
This looks really good! plus i'm feeling her natural hair.

A Lekki Wife's Plight; Dear KBReaders, please advice!

I have been married for 8 years and the union has been epileptic for the last 3 years but we have managed to make it this far. 
I met my husband shortly after relocating from the UK, I was in my early thirties and ready to settle down.  I fell in love with his swag and suave. He's one hunk of a man! Everything is BIG! Just the way I like it.
I had started my own business and was making good money so I wasn't too fussed about his money. I did ask what he did for a living and he told me he was into sales of exotic cars. Sounded good to me. Though at that point I couldn't have cared if he was hawking peanuts because he was so good looking and I was eager to settle down.

Fast forward to 5 years and two kids later, I have been the one bearing most of the financial responsibilities since we got married. We settled into a nice house on the mainland shortly after getting married where the rent went from 1 million to 1.5million naira a year, I singlehandedly paid this for 5 years in addition to the children's school fees and the maintenance of our home. In the entire period we lived there my husband only put up 1 million naira towards the rent. Getting money from him for the children's school fees and up keep of the house was always a heartbreaking task.

Flogging can reduce children intelligence....


Some time in Febuary 2014, at Okun-Ajah, Lekki Lagos, 39-year-old Emmanuel Edet was told that his 12-year-old son, Samuel, whom he had asked to learn carpentry, had not been showing up at the workshop, as reported by his boss. Edet thought the best way to correct his son was to beat him and teach him a lesson.

But sadly, Edet’s approach cost him his son’s life. Edet got home around 10pm and ‘descended’ on his son, brought out his belt and flogged him black and blue. His mother wasn’t even lenient. It was gathered that the six-month pregnant woman had locked the gate to prevent the boy from running away while the husband ‘designed’ their son with the belt.

That blue dress- Etcetera pokes at Omoni Oboli's dress to her Aso rock movie premiere.

Im sure Etcetera will get enough backlash from Omoni's fans, for this write-up..bhet well my job is to report the news, and gists, nor be so?
enjoy mbok!

Remember Monica Lewinsky? If you do, then you should also remember the “Blue Dress” she wore to the white house that got President Clinton, the most powerful man in the world and the then president of the United States of America almost impeached. And 16 years on, just when everyone thought the seductive blue dress has been locked away in a highly secured vault somewhere at the pentagon, it reared its dangerous head at Nigeria’s presidential villa, worn by a nollywood actress for her movie premiere. Only this time, it was seductively patterned as a strip wear.

Is the second donning of the dreaded blue dress a decoy to seduce another president? This time around, the president of the most powerful black nation in the world. Well, your guess is as good as mine. I can still remember being glued to my laptop trying to make sense out of the picture of our president shaking hands with “The lady in blue”, with a larger part of her cleavage exposed for the world to see. It got me wondering how anyone dressed in such a manner could have been allowed anywhere near the presidential villa for any reason. How did she get past security? 

Yoruba Nollywood comic actor Baba Suwe finds love again..may remarry soon.

Baba  Suwe

Babatunde Omidina known as Baba Suwe is  a successful comedian better known for his exploits in Yoruba home videos. He is still arguably the most popular Yoruba comedian of his time. But Baba Suwe hasn’t been having it easy. After the much publicised crisis with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency,NDLEA, he lost his wife, Omoladun, who was almost always his soul-mate, even in films. Baba Suwe talked with Potpourri, of vanguardngr, opening up his heart on a number of issues, 

When did you begin to act?

I started acting at 18 when I dropped out of secondary school, then I was in form four. I developed the passion when Baba Mero and his group came to Children boarding school in Osogbo to act. After watching them, I got drums and other musical instrument, picked some guys in my street like Mufitau Ilumoka, Sola Taiwo and a host of others and formed a theater group. And that was what metamorphosed into the brand ‘Baba Suwe’ today.

Are you saying you never went for any training?
No, I didn’t and I was not trained by anybody. I was born with the talent of putting smiles on faces, so I really did not need any training.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Learn From My Past marriage- Saidi Balogun tells fans.

Popular movie producer and actor, Saidi Balogun, is unhappy and the reason is connected to piracy that has hit his business. It is said that pirates have dubbed several copies of his new movie, You or I, despite recent campaigns against piracy in the country.

Balogun urged the government to do more to check piracy in the movie industry, adding that it had greatly affected his business.

How i contracted and survived Ebola-Late Justina's fiance Denise Akagha .

Dennis Akagha, the fiance of Justina Ejelonu, the First Consultant Hospital nurse who died after being infected with the deadly Ebola virus by Liberian Patrick Sawyer, in this exclusive interview with Vanguard spoke about how his late fiancee contracted the deadly disease, how she lost their unborn child while battling with Ebola, and also revealed that Justina had just landed the job at the hospital and met Sawyer on her first day there. He also spoke on how he got infected with the virus and how he finally got discharged. 
On his relationship with the late Justina, 
"The  truth is that Justina and I were not legally married, we were planning for our traditional marriage in October and she just got this job. She was a qualified graduate nurse and got the job at the First Consultant Hospital in Lagos. She resumed duty at the hospital on the 21st of July, while Patrick Sawyer was admitted at the hospital on the 20th. He was her first patient. She was one of the nurses that nursed him. She was pregnant and so her immune system was weak, which made it easy for her to contract the disease.

continue to read the heartbreaking accounts of Justina welfare before her demise....

Federal Ministry of Health Endorses Omoni Oboli's movie- #BeingMrsElliot.

That Aso visit was not in vain! :)
plenty money..easy cash.
enjoy it Omoni!

News Reel: Today's headlines on Nigerian Newspapers.....2


2015 presidential race: Cold war in APC, Buhari rebuffs younger presidential aspirants..

A cold war has broken out among presidential aspirants in the All Progressives Congress, APC following reported entreaties by younger elements among the contenders to persuade erstwhile head of state, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari out of the contest.
The party also called on past leaders of the country to salvage the country from total collapse in the hands of present administration.
National chairman of the party Chief John Oyegun made the call when he led top members of the party to the Up Hill resident of former military president, General Ibrahim Babangida on a courtesy visit Thursday night.

Son kills father, buries him in shallow grave in Enugu
A young man said to be a member of a kidnap gang operating in Enugu State, Mr. Chukwuekezie Ofonago has shot his father dead.
The suspect now in police net admitted to have shot his father, Mr. George Ofonago with a double-barrel gun at a hideout where he was kept while demanding an undisclosed sum as ransom from his family.
The incident occurred at Abor village  Enugu Inyi Community, Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State.


News Reel: Today's headlines on Nigerian newspapers....1

Minister of Education, Ibrahim Shekarau


Ebola: School owners, FG on collision course;
Private school owners in Lagos State and the Federal Government may clash over the latter’s order directing all primary and secondary schools in the country to resume on October 13, 2014, instead of the anticipated September 15.

The school owners, under the umbrella of the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, believe that the directive is unnecessary and should not be considered as part of the measures to prevent the spread of Ebola virus in the country.

They expressed their feeling at a sensitisation programme on Ebola held on Thursday at Victory Grammar School, Ikeja, Lagos.

The Minister of Education, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, had announced the resumption date after a meeting with the 36 state commissioners of education on Tuesday in Abuja.

Ebola: 160 placed under observation in Rivers
Following the death of an Ebola victim in Port Harcourt, Rivers State during the week, at least 160 persons that made contact with the victim have been identified and put under observation.

The Rivers State Commissioner for Health, Sampson Parker, stated at a news conference at the state’s secretariat in Port Harcourt on Friday that the people had shown no signs of the Ebola disease.

He, however, said that the people were strictly under watch.

The commissioner added that the baby of the widow of the late health worker, who has since been quarantined, was in good health.

Friday, August 29, 2014

FG lifts suspension on residency;recalls sacked doctors.

Good news..

Hollywood sharp-mouth 81 yr old Joan Rivers in medically induced coma after routine surgery went wrong..

Star: Joan Rivers (pictured here in 2012 at the New York Fashion Week) has been a fixture of American life for more than 50 years and she is celebrated for her acerbic wit

Joan Rivers is 'resting comfortably' in a medically induced coma just hours after she performed a typically acerbic show in Manhattan and joked about her own death.
The 81-year-old comic was rushed from an Upper East Side clinic to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition on Thursday morning after she stopped breathing during a routine medical procedure.
A picture of health only the day before, Rivers accepted a bouquet of flowers from a fan as she finished her stand-up performance at around 9.30pm on Wednesday.

Hilarious video: Mtv Base & Basketmouth remakes Dorobucci Music Video MOB

Ebola: The dreaded disease spreads to Porthacourt through diplomat..

A member of staff of ECOWAS on the team that received the late   Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American diplomat, who died of Ebola   in Lagos, made a trip to Port Harcourt where he checked into a hotel and met with Dr. Iyke  Enemuo.The ECOWAS official whose name was also not given by Chukwu, was said to have had contact with the index case in Nigeria (Patrick Sawyer).

He was placed under surveillance in Lagos but he escaped to Port Harcourt   where he checked into a hotel and contacted Enemuo for treatment.The official recovered from the ailment and returned to Lagos. Health workers were said to have tested him when he allegedly came for a clearance certificate and gave him a clean bill of health.
But the Rivers State Government said “about 100 contacts from a hotel, patients of Dr. Enemuo and patients of the hospital where   Enemuo was treated until his demise have been identified and restricted.’’

“About a week after his departure, Enemuo took ill and was rushed to a hospital where he presented with symptoms of fever, diarrhea and vomiting.

Witches in Indian chops off man's hands burns him for being a rival sorcerer.

Wetin persin ear nor go hear these days sef? How can one ever think he / she can get anything good from a witch?he had gone to seek help from a witch and became witch-hunted himself.......
I guess the witch was consumed with jealousy .the thought of having another rival could have drove him to this killing...

''A group of witches(Above) in India chopped off an man's arms and burned him alive when he asked them for help treating his sick 10-year-old son.
According to Police,Mr Chopra went to the local witch doctor named Parvati, for treatment for his 10-year-old son.But as soon as the family reached her place, Parvati accused Mr Chopra of being a rival sorcerer and ordered her disciples to kill him.

His wife Sushma later told police:

'It was sickening. They surrounded him and took turns to stab him with tridents and hack at him with an axe.............Continue

New deputy gov. sworn in in Enugu state.

Ralph Nwoye  politician/clergyman has been announced as the new deputy governor of Enugu state. he will be taking over from  Onyebuchi who was impeached after he was accused of 
operating a commercial poultry at his official residence and of flouting the orders of the State Governor Sullivan Chime.

You can not return me to my parents or exchange me-Tiwa Savage tells hubby.

See how she caption the photo after the cut.. i hope this is  fun thing one wants another exchange and returns.. so much of that going on lately.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Do you have coarse hair, read how to soften your hair the natural way.

Step 1
1over ripe avocado
1 Egg yolk
2-4Tbsp of any oil of ur choice
Mix together to a smooth paste, then apply same method as u apply relaxer- in portions and apply all over ur hair. Massage hair thoroughly, until the cream seem to disappear into your hair, cover with plastic cap for an hour, while waiting, prepare this deep conditioner

Step 2
Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into an egg yolk and measure a cup of veg oil (1egg yolk =1 cup of oil, very important) put oil in bits like a tbsp and whip after each addition, until u use up the 1cup. This will give a thick paste.
Wash out the avocado with ur dudu osun shampoo(or any sulphate free shampoo), then apply the above deep conditioning, just like every deep conditioning, cover and keep on for an hour, then rinse, and air dry. While your hair is still damp, cream and oil.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Photo:Segun Arinze and wife welcomes baby girl.

The couple welcomed their third child 2 days ago in the U.S.
see photo of mother and child after the cut

Ebola has been contained in Nigeria-Health minister.

Omg! this is good news..and thank God this deadly disease has been brought under control...
the health minister Prof Onyebuchi said this at a press briefing held today August 26th in Abuja;

"Of these thirteen, five, including the index case unfortunately did not survive the disease and are now late. However, seven of the infected persons were successfully managed at the Isolation ward in Lagos and have been discharged home.
"Two of treated patients, a male doctor and a female nurse were discharged yesterday evening, 25th August, 2014 having satisfied the criteria for discharge.
"I wish to reassure Nigerians and indeed the global community that the Government shall remain vigilant and will not relent as Government continues to work with her partners to ensure that the disease is kept out of the country. Thank you.”

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Wicked ex.. LOL

Enugu state deputy governor impeached...

The  Deputy Governor of Enugu State, Sunday Onyebuchi has been impeached by the State House of Assembly today.

He was impeached today, after the House adopted the 7-man panel report that investigated allegations of gross misconduct levelled against him by 22 of the 24 members of the House.

The motion for the adoption of the report was moved by the House Leader, Hon. S.K.E Udeh-Okoye. He said the panel of investigation had come up with the conclusion that the “allegations of gross misconduct levelled against Onyebuchi by the House have been approved.”

#Surulere..Guess who this celebrity is?

Bokoharam reclaims Nigerian-cameroon border at Gamboru-Ngala

Insurgents of the Islamist terror group, Boko Haram, today made further advances in territorial grab by once more taking over Gamboru-Ngala, a key township on the border between Nigeria and Cameroon.

Today’s attack by a heavily armed contingent of the terror sect marked the second time Boko Haram fighters targeted and seized parts of the town.

In the latest operation, the insurgents first attacked and sacked an army barrack in Ngala before proceeding to Gamboru about three kilometers away. The sect took over the town without resistance from Nigerian troops.

People's bizarre cultural practices. part 4.

Here is today's dosage of weird and bizarre things people do in the name of tradition.

1.The Misogi cold Japanese bath

Misogi is a Japanese practice; it is a ritual of purification of the body under ice-cold water bath. Sometimes they also use other methods of bathing. Participating member of Misogi ritual undergo purifying rituals like fasting, praying and exercising. The ritual also put them into sleepless nights because they have to stand on cold waterfalls.

continue after the cut

Monday, August 25, 2014

Pres. Jonathan arrives Nigeria, after Germany visit(photos)

The president  came back today after spending some days in Germany for a supposed medical visit(which his media aide said it was not true)....
more photos after the cut

New song alert: Banky W - Jaiye Ori Mi (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

President Jonathan is not sick-Reuben Abati.

The presidential spokesman has debunked the claims by Leadership newspaper that the president is sick ,and is currently in Germany fro medical checks..He claims the false report is being peddled by a newspaper outfit owned by a chieftain of an opposition party.
in his words;

"Before leaving Nigeria, I issued a statement that the President will be embarking on a private visit to Germany with a few of his aides. On Saturday, I sent out a statement that the President spoke with the Falconets on the telephone. I also sent out the video and audio of his conversation with the players where he promised to stay awake and watch the final match. The NTA and some other broadcasting stations aired the video and audio. There are also photographs out there showing the President when he was leaving Nigeria and when he was arriving Germany.

People's Weird cultural practices.part 3.

Ok the above photo isnt one of the images im sharing today,i just thought its

I have been sharing some weird cultural practices of people from all over the world fro the past 2 days.. here is today's dose.


1.Latwoka , a tribe in Sudan has a very weird marriage tradition.If a guy wants to marry a girl,he kidnaps her. After kidnapping elderly people of his family go to girl’s father and ask for her hand. If girl’s father agrees he beats the guy as a symbol of acceptance and if he doesn’t agree, the kidnapper marries the girl forcefully.

Continue after the cut

Sunday, August 24, 2014

U.S. journalist is FREED in Syria after two years in captivity..

Free: Peter Theo Curtis, pictured, was handed over to UN representatives on Sunday, just days after another U.S. reporter, James Foley, was beheaded by the Islamic State group.

An American journalist who was kidnapped entering Syria nearly two years ago has been freed.
Peter Theo Curtis was handed over to UN representatives on Sunday, just days after another U.S. reporter, James Foley, was beheaded by ISIS.
Curtis was abducted in Antakya, Turkey, in October 2012 where he planned to enter Syria, according to Al Jazeera. He was held by the Nusra Front, the Qaeda affiliate in Syria, which has broken with the more radical ISIS.

Footage released on June 30 shows a relatively healthy-looking albeit disheveled Curtis.

Boko haram siezes Gwoza, declares Islamic caliphate....

Boko haram has declared  an Islamic Caliphate in Gwoza,Borno State,Nigeria...
In a video obtained by AFP,Abubakar Shekau said...
“Thanks be to Allah who gave victory to our brethren in (the town of) Gwoza and made it part of the Islamic caliphate,“By the grace of Allah we will not leave the town. We have come to stay,” 
Gwoza is one of the towns seized by the group earlier this month .Soldiers this week refused to deploy to Gwoza without better weapons..

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Highlights of Yemisi & Yomi's Dream Wedding in the My Big Nigerian Wedding Season 1 Trailer!


Yemisi and Yomi, winners of the first season of My Big Nigerian Wedding entered for the competition along with hundreds of couples for a chance to win a N15Million wedding and a honeymoon in Dubai.

In this exciting video below, we can see the couple's journey on how they won the finals of the competition along with some snippets of their meeting with top wedding vendors like Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Banke Meshida-Lawal of BM Pro, Tosan Jemide of Cakes by Tosan, Mai Atafo of Mai Atafo Inspired & Bola Sanda of Molbaks Alaso-Oke. Click here ( ) to see all the wedding vendors who made the Amazing Dream Team.

My Big Nigerian Wedding is produced by WED Expo in partnership with Riverside Productions, the TV Production Company producing the Reality TV Show. Watch out for Episodes of the show soon!

watch the trailer after the cut

Detoxification: 10 common food that detoxifies...


1. Lemon
Packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, lemon is considered a powerful detoxifying ingredient. The high amount of vitamin C in lemon is required by the body to make a compound called glutathione. Glutathione helps the liver in the detoxification process.

Plus, though acidic in nature, lemon has as an alkaline effect on the body, which in turn helps restore the body’s pH levels.

Also, lemon acts as a natural energizer that helps you fight some of the symptoms of toxic build-up in the body. It also aids the digestive system in its job of eliminating waste.

Idibia family releases statement confirming the death of the family patriarch Michael Agbo Idibia ..

The Idibia family today released a statement confirming the death of the family patriarch Michael Agbo Idibia who died yesterday after battling with prostate cancer. 
Read below:

With sadness in our hearts, but with gratitude to God for a life well spent, we announce the passing on of our father, brother, uncle and in-law, Michael Agbo Idibia, a native of Okpokwu Idumoga in Benue State.
Born on July 25, 1946, Mr. Idibia is an alumnus of Kansas State University, USA, and retired from the Ministry of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State. Survived by wife, Mrs. Rose Owoyi Idibia, children: Steven Idibia, Innocent ’2face’ Idibia‎, Hyacinth Idibia and Oche Idibia, grand-children, and siblings.‎

Burial arrangements will be announced by the family. We plead with the media and the general public to respect the privacy of the family in this difficult time.
Thank you.
The Idibia Family.

There is an epidemic of single mothers (Singleton)-Ali Baba writes..

This is what Nigeria's number one comedian Ali Baba wrote on his facebook page.. he is talking about the alarming rate at which girls get pregnant with no man to care for them or the babies..

Every now and then, I meet and get messages, from ladies, who either lost their jobs, widowed, pregnant and no job, the guy who impregnated them absconded, or is around but doesn’t give a hoot, or working but can’t meet the financial demands of raising kids on their own, or the guy agreed to having the babies and to support with their upkeep… But things happened and he couldn’t come through with the promised support. 

Breaking news: Striking Nigerian Doctors suspends strike.

65 Days after, the Nigerian doctors have called off the strike,and all doctors are supposed to resume duties, immediately. i guess this doesn't affect the almost 16000 sacked resident doctors..
Good news!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

TuFace Idibia Loses Dad to Cancer..

2Face and dad

Prominent Nigerian musician, 2Face Idibia, has just lost his father this evening ...
Pa Idiabia died at an undisclosed hospital after an unsuccessful battle with Prostrate Cancer.
2Face’s Manager, Efe Omoregie, has confirmed the sad news.

People's Bizarre cultural practices. Part 2.

So some days ago, i started posting about some weird cultural practices of people all over the world.
i have even gathered more, and here is today's dose. lol
dont forget to share, and by the way, some of today's photos are very gruesome oh.
if you nor get liver, abeg waka pass this one oh. mbok!
Enjoy reading;

Is Nigerian President Jonathan out of the country for medical attention?

This below is how LEADERSHIP NEWSPAPER is reporting it...

In Nigeria, public office often usually 'lie' about their health status. Contrary to the official claims that President Goodluck Jonathan traveled to Germany on a private visit, Leadership newspaper has disclosed that the president actually took ill and had to leave the country for Germany to seek medical care.

Efforts to get a confirmation from the Presidency failed up until the time of going to press, as several calls to his spokesman, Dr Reuben Abati, did not go through and he didn’t respond to an email enquiry either.

Chibok girls's parents wants the case their funeral rite have been performed..


It is just so sad, that after 4 whole months, the kidnapped chibok school girls havent been found or rescued yet..well, their Parents have said they want the matter closed.
It has been four months of agony,pain and tears for the parents, since the unfruitful search for the abducted girls, and as a result they have presumed the girls are dead. 

New female suicide bombers may be dressed as Nuns-DSS warns..

Following the discovery that about 13 Nuns ( Reverend sisters)'s garments were stolen when a tailoring shop was burgled at sabon-gari in Kano, the DSS has issued warning that these regalias may be used as a guise by suicide bombers.

Below is the statement released by spokesperson,Mary Ogar,;

On 20 August 2014, about 4:00 a.m., some yet to be identified persons broke into a tailoring shop located at No. 55 Odutola Street, Sabon Gari, Kano, and stole about thirteen (13) pieces of Reverend Sisters’ regalia of the Catholic Church. With the recent trend in female suicide bombings in the country, the removal of these regalia may be the handiwork of terrorists’ elements that may want to perpetrate acts of terror using such garments.


Who is feeling that toned belly? i would say Toolz is really making an effort to keep fit!

#Icebucketchallenge..What do you think of Nigerian celebs, participating in it? #ALS

So we have seen many videos from this viral ALS ice bucket challenge.. from the very rich, to the not so rich Americans have been doing it. 
Well, some of our Naija celebs dont want to be left out of the fun(as many has taken this challenge) the likes of Genny, DonJazzy, and some others have done it...well, my question is.... must we always do whatever we feel is trending? those who nominated themselves and did this challenge, would they be donating any funds to the ALS cause?
A number of African entertainers have come out to outrightly condemn the acts, saying why should these entertainers not invent a challenge that can generate money towards the eradication of Ebola, and some other deadly diseases from Africa?
see some tweets of Charles Novia and Joselyn Dumas after the cut

UPDATE: Ondo state governor, Mimiko decamps to PDP?

Well, that's the rumor i've been hearing of late.. and its that the Ondo state governor, Olusegun Mimiko, who became the governor when he contested for the seat under the Labour party(LP)...

It is also being reported that the Leaders of Labour Party and Chieftains of both parties have since confirmed this to newsmen in Akure...
what could have prompted this move?..hmnn

UPDATE: he really has joined the PDP.
see the tweet from FFK below for confirmation.

Stop begging for votes like politicians, Etcetera tells Nigerian entertainers..

This is another article from controversial writer, Etcetera...this time his hammer falls on Nigerian entertainers who beg fans for votes, when nominated for awards..

I’ll love to appeal to Nigerian entertainers to stop the habit of going about cap in hand begging for votes each time they are nominated for awards. If your materials are good enough and the award process is transparent, I see no reason why you should go about embarrassingly soliciting for votes like a politician. 
No award should be given based on public opinion. There should be a “competent” panel of judges selected to review the nominated materials and advise the organisers who the winners should be.