Thursday, January 28, 2016

23 yr old arrested armed robber says he need loan from the govt to stop stealing..

23 year old armed robbery suspect, Ayodeji Bakare, who was paraded at the Lagos state Police command in Ikeja, Lagos state yesterday January 25th, says he will stop being a robber if he gets a loan from the government to start a business;

“I want govt to give me loan to start business to enable me stop armed robbery.” he said
Bakare also said that his wife who waited for him to come out of the prison when he was first arrested for armed robbery, will wait for him again if he is still sent back there because she loves him

“I am an armed robber. We are three in number and we used to do stop and search operation and the total money I have made in armed robbery is N500,000. I started robbing in 2014 when I came out from prison in 2013; I went to Ikoyi prison for some months after being arrested for robbing a whiteman of his phone in Ikoyi Club. In prison, some inmates are bad and some are good. The bad ones learn bad things.

 I joined Eiye Cult in prison, they beat me and gave me water mixed with pepper. They later gave me orientation. When I was leaving prison, they gave me the name of an arms dealer who will give me gun. His name is Segun. You can see the Eiye mark on my body. I used to buy one bullet for N1,000. 

We used to buy like 15 to 20 bullets. If my bullet finishes, I call Segun who is based in Cotonou. When I collect gun from Segun in Cotonou, I enter motor that does not carry load. They don’t search motor that does not carry load. I have not married but I have a wife, she loves me. If I go to prison she will still wait for me because she waited for me the first time I went to prison.”he said

-The Nation

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