Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tales from my corner.. Could this be a compliment?

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Hello everyone. 
it's holiday season. the kids are at home,a nd the house is always, alwys super scattered. #sigh. There is nothing much a mom could do, after cleaning and cleaning and then cleaning some more, Especially when you have some over active, room scattering, bed/wall climbing babies.
Na to just leave the rooms just the way they are and clean when the kids are asleep. No one wants to die young. ( i nor kill my mama, so no pikin will do me strong tin)
Well, I decided to have pity on the scattered looking room, and do some cleaning.
As soon as i Just finished cleaning my babies' room, My big son looked at me and said
'I love you mommy, You're the BEST CLEANER in the whole world'.😳😳😳😳
My people, Could that be a compliment? It sounded 'onekain' in my ears though.

Well I guess I really am the best cleaner of his room. Since he said 'I love you' first. 😌😌


How are you all enjoying this holiday?

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  1. FRUITILICIOUSDecember 25, 2016

    Cleaner of the year...


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