Friday, February 17, 2017

Do people think fame is getting into the head of famous Nollywood actor, Odunlade Adekola?

Ever wondered what gets into our so called celebrities head when their fame seems to be skyrocketing? Well, we wouldn’t know ourselves but one thing remains a fact, losing one’s credibility along the line is a big fail.  Nollywood has got many great actors but one who has continuously stood out over the course of his career is Yoruba actor, Odunlade Adekola.

Odunlade Adekola started his career back in 1996 but became active in 2006. The actor ruled the Yoruba sector to a core but he has since made his way into the English crowd where he seems loved and respected just as much. However, while we all can’t deny the fact that Odun is a great and phenomenal actor, the news and reports trailing him in recent times has left us wondering as to what exactly might be happening to the young man who supposedly has everyone in his corner.

Two years ago, he got his first English debut in the movie ‘Taxi Driver’ however, as much as you would have thought that Odun would be proud of this step, the actor was reported to have been un-bothered about the state of the movie to the extent that he failed to promote it despite the fact that he was paid higher than his usual fee.
Truth is, Odun’s role could have been interpreted better by anyone and while his actions towards the movie could have been said as a one off thing at first, Odun pulled yet another stunt with Funmi Holder’s movie ‘The Grudge’. He was said to have failed to turn up at the location while the movie was being shot and the Hotel that was also booked for him had been left vacant because he failed to show up. To add to it, Odun failed to show up at the premiere after stating that he was going to be there and once again failed to promote the movie on any of his social platform.

His recent being his lack of commitment to a contract he had signed with the former MD of M-Net Africa, Biola Alabi on her recent movie. It was reported that Odun had failed to show up once again. These re-occurring acts from him has shown that Odun is beginning to thread a path that would cost him dearly eventually.

Having said all these, Odun is starting to lose his credibility amongst his colleagues especially at a point where his career seems to be doing so well. These beg the questions if Odun has lost the touch of professionalism? Is his fame starting to get the worst of him? Is this a deliberate action on his path? We decided to reach out to the Nollywood actor but all efforts to get to him through phone calls and text messages has been futile as he has refused to acknowledge any of them.

- Source: broadwayafrica.

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