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5 Best Shoe Storage Tips.

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For many people there is no such thing as too many shoes. However, when your footwear starts occupying more and more of your living space, you know there is a problem. Learn how to keep your shoes in order, and when you sort the footwear out, you can find even more trendy shoes on Jiji and save money on shopping from Nigeria’s best sellers.

Choose your storage

Luckily for fashionistas around the world, today there are dozens of options for storing your shoes, so you can choose the one that fits your taste and budget. Your options range from drawers that rest on the closet shelves to bins that can be hidden under a sofa, and from overdoor organizers to simply hanging high heeled shoes on the rods around the room.
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Set your priorities

When you have lots of shoes to store, you end up with one essential problem: there is no way to keep all of the footwear perfectly visible in limited space. That is why you need to pick several pairs that you wear the most and place them closer to you, while other pairs of shoes can be stored in clear plastic containers in the farther parts of the closet - that way they will be protected against any kind of damage while you can easily find them when you need.

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Use shoes as art pieces

If you have a couple of pairs of designer shoes that are breathtakingly beautiful or evoke some important memories, you can display them for everyone to see. Get some open shelves and hang them where you want to put your shoes. Then place the shoes and let everyone visiting your house notice the shoes and ask you about them. You can also add some of your favorite jewelry pieces to turn the shelf into a reflection of your style.

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Get wire hangers

One of the most affordable yet effective shoe storage solutions is to buy enough hangers and transform them a bit so that they become suitable for storing footwear. This trick works best with flats, flip-flops and sandals, because high-heeled shoes and other heavier footwear may be too bulky to store that way. Hangers can be neatly placed on a wire in several rows.
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Utilize the space

If you live in a small house or apartment and simply can’t build a real closet for your clothing and footwear, then you need to use every bit of space you have. The space under the windows, below the bed, or on the side of your wardrobe can be successfully used for storing nearly unlimited quantities of footwear if you take a smart approach towards space planning.


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