Monday, March 06, 2017

ARIK Airl now defrauds unsuspecting travellers.They sell tickets but don't fly- Nollywood actor Gbenga Titiloye.

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Below is what Gbenga Titiloye posted on his facebook timeline:

I think too many Nigerian companies mess with people and get away with it, i bought a ticket from this ones to go visit my old dad in Kaduna and had to return to Lagos to continue filming in three days, the 419 flight was supposed to have left lagos for 8.30am so as usual i left home at 6.00am. getting to the airport i called a friend in Kaduna to inform him i was coming and that it will be wonderful to see him, he asked what time my flight was and i told him after which he asked what airline, "Arik" i responded. the guy laughed so hard that i felt totally stupid. He said Arik was not flying anymore that they were just defrauding the unsuspecting public of their hard earned money.
I immediately proceeded to the Arik counter and one of the staff there a female said to me that the flight was on ground, cut the long story short, i was at the airport till 4pm after which myself and some totally pissed off customers approached the counter only to find out there was not a single Arik staff in the airport.


I went to Arik office on my return from Kaduna and was told to send a mail to I did as was instructed but my eye don clear like my friend talk say na thief them dey thief people money now no more flying, please do not book an Arik air flight online or buy at their counter for that matter until you physically speak to a pilot flying the plane. The airline has died they are just defrauding unsuspecting people of their money.
If you have gone through a similar ordeal with these assholes or any other airline, please lend your voice, as for me, i will continue to talk about the bastards until they stop defrauding the public, be warned.

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