Saturday, April 29, 2017

Actress Mercy Aigbe Gentry allegedly battered (again) by hubby...hubby drenies domestic violence allegations....bloodied photos of Mercy surfaces online...

The news of domestic violence involving actress Mercy Aigbe Gentry filtered online yesyerday, with bloodied photos of the actress, in an hospital bed.
it wasnt a movie scene, it was alleged that her hubby beat her to stupor, and that the reason is because of another actress who is said to be dating Mercy's husband.

Back in 2013, SDK broke the news of the actress's home being on fire, but the actress and her husband went ahead to make a video, debunking the allegations, even though the body languages shown by both were contradictory to what they were saying.
Well, it seems as if Mercy is now tired of the cover up. 
She has been posting criptic messages on instagram, imploring people to flee from domestic violence.
Although she hasn't outrightly come out to accuse the husband, but the husband has done a short post on instagram, claimiing he did not beat his wife, and that he can never beat his wife because he loves her so much..
See below the post from hubby and Mercy's bloodied photos.

The husband's disclaimer

Mercy's bloodied photos

The lady accused of sleeping with Mercy's husband.

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