Saturday, April 15, 2017

Man dies during deliverance programme in Edo state.

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In a video that has gone viral on the internet, residents are seen trooping in to catch a glimpse of the dead body of a man who died during a deliverance session at a church in Edo state.
A member of the church who claimed to have witnessed the deliverance section said that the victim was proving stubborn leading to the pastor pushing him hard to make sure he fell to the ground.
The victim, who was said to be possessed by evil spirit and needed deliverance, reportedly fell, hit his head on a generator set and died.

The body of the victim was later placed in a car inside the church premises.
Sister to the deceased, Osas, claimed that her brother was beaten to death.
She said, “They beat him to death. They removed the cloth that he was putting on before, cleaned him up and wore him another cloth. They said they were taking him to the mortuary and we said no.”
However, pastor of the church, Mrs. Ogundaye Isoke said, “We have been taken care of him (the deceased) without money.
“We save soul. We don’t destroy soul. We don’t kill here; we don’t beat here. If they bring insane people we heal.”

I still do not understand the logic behind falling down to prove that someone has been exhorcised of any kind of demonic influence in these churches. So this pastor feels the guy was stubborn, a nd then pushed him to fall?
Does falling down during prayers equates deliverance?😖😖😖🙉🙉
i hope that pastor is arrested and made to face the wrath of the law.

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