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Read this inspiring story of a Lady and her husband who courted almost 8years, and both remained virgins till they got married.

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In this interview with Solomon Buchi Bartholomew on Facebook, Omobolance, Omoby as fondly called tells her love story. how she met her hubby, how they dated fofr almost 8 years, the ups and downs of the relationship, and how they were able to cope without sex for that long.

Can we meet you?
My name is Omobolanle Adeyemo. Although I am now Omobolanle Awoyemi. Popularly called ‘Omoby’ by family and friends.
Omoby is the name given to me from birth by my family, more of my dad, to distinguish his name from mine. He’s Omobolanle as well, but called Bolanle.
I trained as a Quantity Surveyor and hold two degrees in similar fields, but beyond the construction industry, I enjoy counselling in the areas of Relationships and Careers. My focus is to help youth maximize their purpose to succeed and achieve their dreams. I also help youths debunk all myth about fears to help them live their best life now. I am a total abstinence advocate and believe in youths keeping themselves sexually pure…until Marriage.
I am 29 years old, currently on my doctorate degree. I am the third child in the family of four, I have got two older sisters and a younger brother. I enjoy writing, teaching and reading. I am a shoe fetish! I love books as well. You don’t ever borrow my books without returning them. I’d chase you, hunt you, until I find you!

You got married last month (April, 2017) after an eight years courtship without sex, was it an agreement between both parties?

Yeah it was an agreement between the two of us. But even prior to.

How did you meet your best friend(Husband)?
Well, we were classmates, level mates and all that. He was the extremely intelligent one in class. Always topping the class in tests and exams and I was like, it wouldn’t be bad to have this guy as a friend, nothing personal. I just wanted him to be a friend because the guy is damn good, especially that I had dreams of graduating with a first class, I wish! 
On his own while, he saw this slim, smart and beautiful babe, me and was crushing on her. He came to introduce himself to me which I can’t even remember. I just knew we became friends somehow. Then when I moved to my own apartment which was so close to his house, he told me that in one of his best days. He’d teach me difficult modules, help me with stuff and was generally a good friend. 
It was in our Part three in University, he asked me out. Took me 6 months or thereabout to give my consent. I like that he didn’t pressure me. He left me alone to make my choice. He’s smart and confident like that. 
I gave my consent to start a relationship with him because we shared same values: sexual and all. I saw him as focused, ambitious and reasonable. I wanted somebody who would not pressure me for sex, a well self-controlled man. Specifically, I desired to do it first and last. I didn’t like all the heartbreaks I saw my sisters and friends go through. It brought tears and heartaches. To God be the glory, I got that! I am his first and he’s mine as well.

We were successfully able to combine academics and our relationship. In class, we were classmates. Outside, we were lovers. He graduated with a First Class Honours as the best in the Department and Faculty, while I was rated the most improved student who rose from a Third Class Grade to a Second Class Upper Division. Everyone wanted to know how we did it. Lecturers used us as great examples (even though some of them were skeptical at the onset). Younger ones wanted to know how we successfully combined both without one or both falling apart. I’d say, we were focused. We helped each other a lot. He was the one doing more of the helping though because he’s the smarter one who grabs things faster.

What attracted you to him?
1.  He had godly values that aligned with mine. I was not ready to compromise on some of them. When I discovered through friendship with him that our values clicked, the attraction spurred. 

2.  I desired a guy smarter or as smart as me. As said earlier, he was always helping me out with modules. I like that he was just always there to help. I didn’t want a guy who would dim my shine. 

3.  He studied me. There’s a part of me which people hardly get to know. He discovered that I often wrote out my feelings in journals. Such a sacred book nobody was allowed to read. He was able to penetrate through.

4.  I like that he knew where he was heading and took action steps towards them. He knew what job he could take and not take, he knew where he wanted to be in few years and he was very proactive about his life. 

5.  He possessed good fruits that spoke everywhere he went. Nobody had a bad thing to say about him. I investigated. Because we were classmates though, our friends were mutual, notwithstanding, every one had a good thing to say about him. Friends attested to his character and person. Then when my sisters met him, they said I had made a good choice. That to me confirmed everything.

What made you tell him ‘yes’ after making his intentions known?
The irony is that when he started asking me out, I didn’t like him. There was no iota of attraction at all. I was almost turning him down. But I remember the words of my friend, Sandra, not real names, who told me to just talk to God about it.

My relationship with God is such that I can talk to him about anything and have conversations with him at anytime of the day. Prior to discussing it with Sandra, I didn’t want to tell God about it because I didn’t want to hear His own opinion. I think God would approve him as a potential suitor. I just felt it was not something to give serious thought to.

Life is in Stages..2006-2017
Three months after, on his birthday 9th March, 2009 he invited me to have lunch with him in a new restaurant in town. He held my hands and expressed his sincere intentions to date me. I would say that at this point, I completely saw that he was sincere but I was scared. I didn’t like the idea of dating someone within my age bracket. He is one year older than I am, but I desired to get married to a man who is at least three years older than me. I expressed all my associated fears and reasons for such expectation, but he reassured me that he was really sincere. I remember the inscription he wrote on a piece of paper as we left the restaurant, reading “I LOVE YOU OMOBOLA’. These words sank into me for a very long time and so several time, I would ask him what he meant by ‘loving me’, what was his idea, what were his expectations? Would he still love me if I exposed and told him everything about me? Would he still claim to love me?
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I was not under any pressure from him. He completely left me to make a choice and didn’t put me under any unusual intense pressure. I pride myself as one who is not given to intense pressure anyway, but I liked the idea that Temitope seemed different from other guys who would threaten you, pressure or manipulate you to date them, I liked it. I was not scared that he would go away or some other girl would ‘snatch’ him away.
Somehow, I told God about his intentions, asking Him if I could go ahead and if indeed he had good plans for me, I got some sort of inner peace about everything. It was God’s positive response to my question. My Friend Sandra also advised that I ask him very key and direct questions, and I did. I asked him about his sexual values, his church beliefs, everything I could ask him about. I had also known some answers to some these questions while we were friends.

How did you both manage sexual urges like smooching, fingering and the likes?
Rather than actually demonstrate our sexual urges, we spoke them out often. That helped a lot because we were only free to talk about our urges but not to demonstrate it to either of us. 
For instance, rather than actually kiss and smooch, we’d say things like, ‘I really feel like kissing you.’ ‘I want to have sex with you?’ ‘What does it feel to even give you a blow job?’ I asked him this when I read about blow jobs.
Much more, we always asked for God’s help. It was often a simple prayer of telling God to help us not to complicate our lives with premarital sex.
We took each day at a time, trusting God for His grace daily. I sort of had a problem with this aspect because we had a proposed wedding date which was rescheduled to about 5 months later, thus making it quiet hard for me not to get my eye fixed on the date but on each day
But through Pastor Rick Warren’s book, Purpose Driven Life, I learnt that God only gives a grace sufficient for one day. The problem is that we think today’s grace would take care of tomorrow, which makes us fearful and dread living. 
My thoughts were, if God had seen us through past years, He’d do so for each day.
Furthermore, we got busy. Whenever we saw or were together was not the time to start smooching and kissing. It was a time to talk and talk. Talk about how we wanted our Marriage to look like. Talk about our home. We transferred our sexual urges to actual activities. 
We were also accountable to people. Friends and family. Many people knew we were both abstinence advocates and so it was impossible for us to fall. Many people say I talk about ‘konji’ all the time, but it was a way to get people to know what I stand for which often kept me in check.
I would say that, It was really easy to curb sexual urges before I was 26, because ‘konji’ hardly visited. I don’t remember if there were any visits. But as soon as I turned 26, they came in full force.
The Bible says that can two walk together except they agree? Both of us were straight up from the onset. We both knew that sex and it’s associated friends were a no go area. It was a thing we were both personally convinced to do. Not a case of one trying up coarse the other into abstinence game or manipulate the other. That made it easy for us. 
I wouldn’t take glory for remaining sexually pure until Marriage without giving him some credits as well. Due to the our sole agreement of not defiling ourselves which we agreed on, we were about to manage through. When one person was almost sliding down the drain, the other was there to help through.
I also knew and understood how privileged I was to always request and have God’s help available. I knew that if I don’t know how to request for help, if I didn’t know I could request for help, I’d’ll keep failing into the same temptation over and over again. ‘Konji’ would keep oppressing me and one day, I may give in. 

Heaven has a 24-7 emergency hotline. Psalms 50 vs 15 states this clearly. For me, I call it my microwave prayer. When the sexual feelings were too impossible to bear, I don’t often have the time to pray long lengthy prayers or to start reciting my purity confessions. I don’t even remember to speak in tongues. In my despair, I cry out to God always in a whisper. 
Similarly, the Bible reassures me that God always hears my cry for help because Jesus is sympathetic to my struggles. It always worked for me. My responsibility is to cry for help. His responsibility is to find an escape route for me.
The truth is that God is always willing to help us defeat a temptation but most times, we don’t want to be helped. We do this by thinking that we can go through it on our own. We think we know that’s best for us. We think we’ve gone too far to be helped. For instance somebody said, if you’ve been sexual active in the past, it difficult defeating a sexual temptation. But that’s not true. Jesus help isn’t only for those who haven’t being sexually active. He helps all regardless.
Some other times, we often feel embarrassed calling for God’s help over and over again. But the Bible reassures that God’s patience never runs out. Hence, even if it means crying out to God’s help over and over again: a hundred times in a second, God’s always eager to help us. Ask Him for the power to do the right thing and expect Him to provide it.

The problem is often that many believe that sexual urges aren’t that part of our lives were we should cry out for help. Or many of us are looking to pray lengthy prayers thinking that’s what God honors. Some other times, we think that praying to defeat sexual urges isn’t a practical step. But if you don’t expect to be helped, God can’t help to either. The Bible says, let not a double minded man think he’d receive anything from the Lord.

From the beginning of the courtship, was it clear to you that you will have to wait for eight years?
Oh no. Neither of us thought we would date for eight years or almost. Although, there was an iota of such feelings because;
1.   We started dating very early.
2.  We knew we hadn’t gotten a hand on our lives after school and we both knew we had to settle that aspect before getting married.
Beyond the funfair of Marriage, we both knew that getting married without laying any concrete foundation was tantamount to frustrated but married life.
Many of my friends who got married before me, even though I started my relationship before them, had this so because their men were already financial stable and well settled in their careers before they even graduated. But I was dating my classmate. I well understood that Marriage wouldn’t come soon. Rather than mope and mourn, I got busy with my own life. There were just so many things I needed to do. My second degree was one. Writing a book was another. Just enjoying being single was also another. I didn’t want to get married wishing I had enjoyed my single life much longer. I explored. I saved. I spent. I took myself on vacations. I slept. I bought books. I just had fun without being accountable to anyone.
My motivation for sticking with him that long was because I had seen from the onset where he was heading. He shared his plans with me. He was not just a dreamer but one who took action steps to make his dreams a reality.
For instance, because he knew he wanted to go into core consulting, He had started searching out prospective firms that aligned with his passion and applied to them. He didn’t allow life or chances just happen to him, he made life happen for himself. 
Who’d see such man with such zeal, vision and passion to living and say your village witches are doing you?

Was there anytime that one of the two parties wanted to violate the rule? If yes, how did either/both parties overcome the challenge?
Yeah and No. There were no times we hardly lost it because we were also on guard. The Bible says the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour. We didn’t want to give him any chance. Like I said earlier, when one person was weak, the other was always there to help.
Yeah! Because if you ask me if there were times I felt like removing his trousers and touching his penis? Oh yeah! At that point, we learnt to voice our urges to each other rather than demonstrate what you actually feel. I tell him about this and he’d say, ‘Don’t worry baby. Just a little more time.’

And definitely, there were few times, he’d almost want to start smooching or rubbing my body. I am often stronger at such point. I gently caution him or and help him pull through. That’s why I say that I don’t take glory for anything. We helped each other a lot.
Was there anytime you wanted to quit? If yes, What happened?
No, there was no time I wanted to quit. My personal convictions about him were in place from the beginning and he had helped me dissolve my fears about him not being the right person from the beginning. Even when I met potential suitors, I well understood, I had made a deliberate choice. I had gotten to that place where I could beat my chest and say its him I had chosen.

During the courtship, how was misunderstanding resolved?
Disputes resolution? 
We talked until we understood. We asked questions. We talked everything, Just everything. We had agreed prior to this time that nothing was too big not to talk about. That’s all. 

Talking wasn’t easy for me. One, I am a wordy person who does more of writing my hurts and feelings than voicing them out. He helped me talk. He’d always tell me that I could tell him anything. Two, I was often too shy to share my feelings because I felt they would make me feel stupid.

Temitope also had, still does, a best friend who was also my own friend. I call him my twin brother. During times I think myself to be silly to communicate, twin brother, was often the person I ran to when I couldn’t understand what my bobo was talking about. As you know, men and women receive the same information but interpret them differently. Thus, when there were times I just couldn’t comprehend what he was talking about, my twin brother was responsible for receiving the information from him, helping me break it down in bits in the way that I would understand the situation.

I trusted twin brother because just like my bobo, he also had good fruits. We had being friends longtime. Twin brother often told me he was caught up between his best friend and his twin sister (me).
However, One day, twin brother, told me I had to learn how to talk to my bobo regardless of the misconception that I may be misunderstand or what silly feelings I feel. In other words, he was wanted to be an intermediary no more. Oh my! That was the day I learnt how to gradually voice out my concerns.
This has helped our Marriage. We avoid third parties and communicate our concerns to each other. 

And No! We had no fundamental issues that threatened our relationship. We never broke up all through the years we dated. There were so many things we agreed on prior to starting our relationship. One of such was that, we’d never threaten or manipulate either party with a breakup. We knew we were stuck with each other. This didn’t make either of us feel indispensable to each other, because we also respected the fact that we both made a conscious effort to be with each other. Neither was doing anyone of a favor!

Now that ‘Konji’ is over, is there any difference between been married and being a spinster?
Being married is beautiful and is definitely different from being single. Being married gives me all the freedom to explore our bodies and learn from each other. Specifically, I like that I can play with hubby’s genitals without shame, shyness or guilt.
Secondly, I like that I can choose to have sex any day, just anytime, without guilt. That alone awes me. 

I like that anytime I am horny, I don’t have to begin to pray about such feelings anymore or start my abstinence therapy. I just take what belongs to me and have fun.
I also like that I don’t have to worry if my period doesn’t arrive as it ought to. Marriage gives all such kind of freedom. 

Being single also has it privileges. You are not accountable to anyone but yourself. You also have all the time, laxity and freedom to stretch your wings and be all that you want to be. The problem is that many singles just only waste this time wishing and prqyqing for a mate without living their lives to its fullest.
What is opinion about domestic violence?
Domestic Violence can occur even without being married. I don’t support it. Anyone going through such should please seek help. If you are married and your partner is hitting you, quit! Yeah I said quit the Marriage. Your life is as important to God as nothing else. A single hit can take you 6 feet below.
What would be your advice to the singles out there?

While waiting for a mate, get busy with your life. There’s so much you can do with your life. You’re an embodiment of talents, gifts and virtues. Discover them. Explore. Have fun. Spread your wings. Fly. If you can afford a thing, buy. Go on vacations. Sleep well. Read books. Just ensure you’re enjoying and making the best use of being single. Discover what career path you wanna thread and take action steps to achieve them. If it’s business you wanna learn…, go all out. Just explore.
Life doesn’t start with having a mate. To can make your own life start now for you.
Remember that you don’t want to get married, wishing you had just enjoyed your single life a little more. It’s a phase you’ll never get back. Make the best of it.

Do not let anyone tell you that being single is a disease. Neither let any married person tell you that being Married is only what you need to succeed. Marriage would take away some single privileges, like the freedom to do anything you want to do. Ensure you’ve enjoyed your single life to the fullest while waiting.

It worries me when I see young singles just do nothing with their lives, but only just wait for a mate to make life happen for them. Let’s get a shift in our mentality and discover all about the amazing things of yourself you can do. If you need a mate to make life happen for you, perhaps that’s the confirmation you don’t need a mate yet.

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