Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Attempted rape, Our culture (Nigerian) and how people actually view these things..

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I read some posts on facebook yesterday and today, and I am just sad about how people live life these days.
The pioneer post was about a lady whose husband tried to rape her 19 year old sister , when the big sister was not at home. 
This man allegedly struggled with this girl for about 5hours.
(Thank God he didnt succeed).

The man in question was not even remorseful of his acts. he never apologised to the victim, and her family. he only tried to justified his actions, by saying that he was under the influence of alcohol, that is to say he saw nothing bad in what he did, just because he was drunk!

The saddest part of this story is the commenters on that thread, mostly women, advising her to overlook the incident and save her home..(Which home?) 
Some blamed the girl, saying she must have seduced the man? Like what the  .....????

I couldn't even drop my comment on the thread, because i was so upset. What exactly do we take men to be? goats or dogs?

You are a part of a family that you have been married into.  You have become one family!
Your in-laws are now your family by law.
Why do we excuse evil and blame victims. When one is under the influence, they mostly act out what has been premeditated upon in their hearts. That man has been eyeing the girl for a long time before that incident.

If a lady was almost raped, then it's the fault of the lady??.. And if the victim now happens to be in the same house with the Randy man, married to the victim's elder sister.
it's even worse, as both the sister and the victim gets blamed.

Why on earth would I want to stay married to a man who I can not leave my younger sisters with ?

Men are humans. Not Animals.
They have the ability to practise self control ( if they want) just the way Women do. They can either choose to control their selfish desires or to actually carry them out. 

Enough of all these enabling of rubbish. We are not animals. We have the ability to control our urges. 
We can flee from situations that compromises us.

Men are NOT babies. They are not toddlers who doesn't know right from wrong.
Thank God the men in my life are not.

In fact I think it's an insult to say a man is a baby, and that they are only ruled by their emotions and privates... 

Men are NOT animals!!!

When anyone does any wrong, they should be held accountable for their actions. Irrespective of the gender of the offender.

(Whew! now that i have gotten that off my chest, How una dey my people? its been a while.
i am so sorry for not being constant. i will try to be better at this blogging business. being a full time wife, mom, entreprenuer, and business owner is taking its toll on my blogging time. 
these day, i just sleep off in front on my computer. LOL i will be better, i promise.Thank you all for still reading. i see  viewers everyday!! and i am wowed that y'all still stick to me.
Ii love you all very much.#Huggies#kizzez. LOL)

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