Friday, October 13, 2017

Love scam: Man cons white woman, then pretends as though he died to wriggle out of the marriage,

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A facebook user,named Lisa L.Flowers posted on facebook some days back about how her supposed Nigerian husband was reported dead within hours of speaking to him.
below is what she posted on facebook.

''My Nigerian family and friends - I need your help to find out what has happened to My Sweetness, Nelson De'Enabry. Since Thursday morning there has been conflicting news from his family members concerning his well being and if he is even alive. I have no proof from his family that he has left this earth. Please reach out to one another to help me find the truth about this situation. with Nelson De'Enabry.''
Apparently, the Nelosn guy's family contacted Lisa, to tell her that her husband died and was burried 30 minutes later. no one told her what happened and the necessary hospital documents that certified him dead wasn't shown to her, i think she guessed she has been conned, hence her Facebook post.

many people jumped on the post, and while some provided Lisa with police contacts and were asking her to contact the American police, some were saying Lisa should just move on and wefe attacking the people who were trying to help Lisa..

Then another guy who claims to be Lisa's friend came out to sat Nelson's family are threatening him, and asking that he put down the RIP/condolence post he made about Nelson..
his post below:

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Later, seeing that a facebook user (Aishatu Ella John) kept asking the conned woman to report Nelson missing, the supposed Nelson's nigerian wife who was obviosly in on the scam/fraud, opened a parody account and sent some messages to Aishatu, asking her to leave Nelson alone thsst they were married before he met Lisa.
Below are messages that Martha sent to Aishatu:
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So apparently Nelson DeN'abry or Enaereba is not dead. i think they have collected too much money from Lisa that asking her for a divorce would have eant trouble.
The shameless part of this was that his whole family was in on the scam, including his dad who did a vudeo, shoing the supposed burial of his son..
such a shame
i hope Lisa pursues this and i hope shde recovers her money from those loonies.

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  1. White people are so gullible, in this time and day people still falling for scammers... what a shame!


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